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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Average cost per patient per week (in shillings)—

Other staff251.37
Drugs and appliances101.20
Fuel, light and laundry198.80
Domestic renewals145.63
Structural additions, etc.611.24
Rent, rates, taxes, etc.20.11
Loan charges334.32
Other expenditure63.77
Totals—Including loan charges1707.18
Excluding loan charges1372.86
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(e) Closure.—Following a small series of cases of puerperal
pyrexia in July, 1936, it was decided to close the Home to further
admission between 15th and 26th July.
Alternative accommodation was arranged for those patients
who could not be admitted, and the Home was re-opened after
cleansing and disinfection.
(f) Research.—1. Dame Louise Mcllroy, Consultant Obstetrician
to the Ante-Natal Clinic, and Dr. Helen Rodway,
M.C.O.6., Resident Medical Officer, have utilised material obtained
during the ante-natal supervision of patients at the Home, together
with that obtained from another maternity unit, in the compilation
of a paper on the weight changes during and after pregnancy and
published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Vol. 44,
No. 2).
2. Dr. Helen Rodway is co-operating with the investigation
initiated by the People's League of Health into the deficiency in
diet in maternal mortality and morbidity.
District Maternity and Midwifery.—A total of 39 cases were
attended by the District Sister working from the Maternity Home.
35 were midwifery cases and 4 were maternity cases.
The following very full clinical report has been compiled by
Dr. Helen Rodway, M.C.O.G., Resident Medical Officer.

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