London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Dealers' Licences.
In respect of:—
Certified Milk 1
Grade A (T.T.) Milk 4
Grade A Milk 3
Pasteurised Milk 23
Supplementary Licences.
In respect of:–
Certified Milk 2
Grade A (T.T.) Milk 4
Grade A. Milk 2
Grade A (Pasteurised
Milk 2
Pasteurised Milk 5
Bottling Licences:—
In respect of Grade A (T.T.) Milk, 2; Pasteurised Milk, 4.

(b) Meat and Other Foods.

A total of 620 visits were paid to slaughterhouses. The following were condemned and destroyed:—

(a) Tuberculosis.(b) Other Reasons.
73 Ox Lungs.57 Ox Livers.
58 Ox Hearts.6 Ox Lungs.
38 Ox Skirts.5 Ox Tripes.
17 Ox Livers.2 Ox Tongues.
14 Ox Fats.1 Ox Pluck.
10 Ox Heads.1 Ox Kidney.
1 Ox Tripe1 Calf's Liver.
1 Ox Tongue.1 Flank Beef.
5 Forequarters Beef.2 Cow's Udders.
4 Loins Beef.97 Sheep's Livers.
2 Clods Beef.6 Sheep's Lungs.
2 Top Ribs Beef.3 Sheep's Plucks.
2 Middle Ribs Beef.4 Breasts Lamb.
1 Cow Carcase and all organs1 Leg Lamb.
1 Pig Carcase and all organs.2 Forequarters Mutton.
80 Pigs' Fats.1 Neck Mutton.
41 Pigs' Heads.1 Breast Mutton.
37 Pigs' Plucks.1 Sheep Carcase.
4 Pigs' Livers.2 Pig Carcases and all organs.
1 Pig's Spleen.88 Pigs' Livers.
4 Loins Pork.3 Pigs' Plucks.
1 Sheep's Pluck.2 Loins Pork.
2 Bellies Pork.
1 Chine Pork.
1 Fowl.
6 lb. tin Compressed Beef.
1 box Skate.
6 boxes Kippers.
10 stones Haddocks.
6 stones Halibut.
5 stones Plaice.
40 boats Apricots.
22 boxes Apples.
20 boxes Tomatoes.
290 lbs. Chocolates and other sweets.