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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Of the eleven samples only six were really satisfactory. Any
necessary action was taken in respect of the others but the absence
of any bacteriological standard for Ice Cream is again to be
deplored. There is a general improvement in the standard of
purity of this food.
Biological Examination of Milk Samples by County Council :—
The County Medical Officer states that during 1933 it was felt
desirable to pay more attention to sampling direct from farms,
particularly from those which had not been sampled within recent
years. In these circumstances no samples were obtained in the
The Milk and Dairies Order, 1926.
Much attention was again directed to this Order during the
year with a view to minimising the risk of contamination, infection
and alteration of the milk supply of the town and there is a general
improvement in this direction.
In addition to the convictions detailed under " Legal Procedure
" the Council issued two warnings to dairymen in connection
with breaches of this Order by their employees.
The Milk and Dairies (Amendment) Act, 1922 (Section 2).
In connection with a prosecution for a prejudicial sale referred
to under " Legal Procedure," application was made to the Court
to remove a defendant from the Register of Purveyors of Milk.
A heavy penalty was imposed instead.
The same defendant was prosecuted in respect of aiding,
abetting and procuring offenders against the Milk and Dairies
(Consolidation) Act, 1915. He was fined for these offences.
He transferred the business over to his son who applied to the
Council for Registration as a Purveyor of Milk. The Council
refused the application and there was no appeal against this
A further application for Registration in respect of this dairy
was made by another purveyor of milk, and the Council refused
that application. An appeal was made to the Petty Sessional
Court and at the hearing it was given in evidence that the objection
of the Council had been removed. The appeal was allowed without
In connection with the above prosecution for aiding, abetting,
and procuring offenders, three purveyors of milk were convicted
for carrying on the trade without being registered.
The Milk (Special Designations) Order, 1923.
The number of licences granted for the Sale of Milk under
Special Designations classified in the Fourth Schedule of the above
Order was as follows :—