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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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The following table shows the figures over the past five years:-

No. of primary vaccinations2,1691,7141,5291,6461,774
No. of re-vaccinations975537562485646
No. of live births in Ilford .........2,2192,2282,2162,5122,533

TREATMENT OF MINOR AILMENTS. - Children suffering from
simple dietetic ailments are treated at the infant welfare centres.
Facilities are, however, available at the sessions held for school children
at Kenwood Gardens and Mayesbrook Clinics for children under school
age to receive treatment for minor ailments, although in practice very few
so attend.
MIDWIVES. — There were 13 State Certified midwives (including the
Non-Medical Supervisor of Midwives, 9 domiciliary midwives and 2 parttime
midwives employed by the County Council), resident and practising
in the district at the end of the year. In addition there were 25 State
Certified midwives at the llford Maternity Hospital.
Supervision of the midwives practising on the district, including
regular inspections by the Medical Supervisor of Midwives, was carried
out as in previous years, and general supervision, in accordance with
the Rules of the Central Midwives Board, was exercised over the midwives
practising at the Ilford Maternity Hospital.
Suspension from Practice. — It was necessary in 1961 to require two
domiciliary midwives to remain off duty, one for 15 days and the other
for 10 days, to prevent the spread of infection.
Medical Aid. — Medical aid was sought in two instances where the
infant was found to have a discharging eye. The condition of the eye
cleared satisfactorily in each case.
Domiciliary Midwifery Service. — At the end of the year there were 9
domiciliary midwives employed by the County Council whole-time and 2
part-time, in addition to the Non-Medical Supervisor.
During the year 603 cases were attended and a doctor was specially
called in by the midwife to 78 of these.
Of the infants bom there were 5 stillbirths.