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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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Five deaths occurred of infants during the first year of life where
the birth had been attended by a domiciliary midwife; in four of these the
infant was under the age of ten days.
During 1961 ante-natal clinics conducted by the domiciliary midwives
were held weekly at the Kenwood Gardens and Mayesbrook Clinics,
fortnightly at the Manford Way and Heathcote Avenue Clinics and twice
a month at Marks Gate Clinic.

The following is a summary of the attendances at these clinics during the year-

First AttendancesSubsequent AttendancesNo. of SessionsAverage Attendance per Session
Kenwood Gardens Clinic3971,0995129
Mayesbrook Clinic2457714522
Manford Way Clinic862582613
Heathcote Avenue Clinic582082510
Marks Gate Clinic44163239

In addition 2,871 home ante-natal visits were made during the year.
The scheme continues whereby the doctor and the midwife have a
consultation abouttheir patient on several occasions during the pregnancy.
The examinations take place at the patient's home, the doctor's surgery
or at the Local Health Authority's clinic, as mutually agreed, but in
practice the joint consultation is held in the majority of cases in the
doctor's surgery.
The Ilford Borough Council continued to provide housing accommodation,
where necessary, for midwives employed in the service of the
Ilford Health Area Sub-Committee. At the 31st December 1961, one maisonette
and two flats were being rented by the County Council from the Borough
Council under this arrangement.
During 1961, the domiciliary midwives continued to assist in the
training of pupil midwives from the Thorpe Coombe Maternity Hospital,
Walthamstow; nine of the whole-time midwives have been approved by the
Central Midwives Board as teaching district midwives. The arrangements
are for six or seven pupils to come to Ilford at a time for a period ofthree
months, accommodation being provided in one of the local hospitals or tn a
private house. 20 pupil midwives completed their district training in the
Area during 1961 and 6 were still undertaking this training at the 31st