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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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The statistics given over-page show the vaccinations carried out by our medical staff:-

PremisesNo. of SessionsFirstInjections givenFourth
Kenwood Gardens Clinic425495847451,193
Mayesbrook Clinic20412368414848
Manford Way Clinic4611510792266
Newbury Mali21252526275
Marks Gate Clinic2750451933
Heathcote Avenue Clinic27150123110248
Factories, etc17268218818-

The medical staff at the Village Homes, Barkingside, also curried
out a total of 48 primary courses, 26 third injections, and 9 fourth injections.
Record cards received in 1961 from general practitioners were as
unde incompleted
primary courses (two injections) 5,941
Third injections ("boosters") given 5,564
Fourth injections ("boosters") given 6,855
At the 31st December, 1961 a total of 56,858 primary courses had
been completed in Ilford (36,648 children under 16 years, 9,663 persons
aged 16 to 25 years, 8,061 persons aged 26 to 40 years and 2,486 general
practitioners, ambulance staff, dentists, hospital and public health staff
and their families, etc.).
Towards the end of 1961 information was received that the Ministry
of Health had decided on the use of Sabin (oral) vaccine and this became
available early in 1962.
Smallpox Vaccination. — During 1961 record cards were received
from general practitioners and various hospitals as follows:-
Children under 2 years of age:-
No. primarily vaccinated 1,200
No. re-vaccinated 6
Others (including adults):-
No. primarily vaccinated 424
No. re-vaccinated 640
In addition 150 children (142 under the age of two years and 8 over
two years) were primarily vaccinated at the infant welfare centres at the
Kenwood Gardens, Manford Way, Mayesbrook and Marks Gate Clinics.