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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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For puiposes of comparison, the following summary shows the numbers of children inoculated and reinoculated over the past five years:-

Diphtheria immunisation:-
Primary courses1,7742,0822,0422,8622,784
Whooping cough immunisation':-
Primary courses1,6411,7981,6922,0742,341
No. of live births in Ilford2,2192,2282,2162,5122,533

(N.B. Where combined diphtheria and whooping cough antigens
have been used, the figures have been included under
both headings).
Vaccination against Poliomyelitis. - The programme of vaccination
of the eligible groups, i.e. children and adults from the age of six months
to 40 years at the date of registration, expectant mothers, and doctors,
dentists, nurses, ambulance and certain other public health staff and their
families proceeded during 1961.
As was mentioned last year, the scheme was further extended in
May 1961 by the introduction of a reinforcing fourth injection for all
children between the ages of 5 and 12 years and also those who were under
5 if they are attending school. Unfortunately later in the year the administration
of this fourth injection had to be suspended owing to a shortage
of vaccine, but I am glad to record that it was recommenced in April 1962.
The general practitioners have continued to play an important part
in the scheme and most of those practising in the Area are participating.
During 1961 in addition to holding sessions at the various clinics,
most of which were combined with school clinic or infant welfare centre
sessions, our medical and nursing staff, with the excellent co-operation
extended by many of the larger firms in the Area, continued to visit their
premises during working hours to vaccinate eligible persons employed
hy them.
The statistics given over-page show the vaccinations carried
out by our medical staff:-