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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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VACCINATION AND IMMUNISATION. _ In the autumn of 1961 the
County Council approved revised arrangements forvarcination and immunisation
in accordance with advice given to the Minister of Health by the
Standing Medical Advisory Committee. These provide for a programme
throughout childhood involving smallpox and poliomyelitis vaccination
and immunisation by the use of combined antigens against diphtheria,
whooping cough and tetanus, with appropriate reinforcing doses. The
provision of facilities for immunisation against tetanus to all residents
in the Administrative County was approved in principle, but for the time
being this form of immunisation is limited to children up to school leaving
Immunisation against Diphtheria, Whooping Cough and Tetanus.
Regular sessions for immunisation, combined with the school clinics held
for the treatment of minor ailments, were held throughout 1961 at the
Kenwood Gardens and Mayesbrook Clinics, and at the ManfordWay, Newbury
Hall, Marks Gate and Heathcote Avenue Clinics immunisation was undertaken
at the infant welfare centre sessions. In addition, much of this
work has, as previously, been carried out by general practitioners.

Details of the immunisations carried out during the year 1961 are given in the following table:-

Form of ImmunisationPrimary CoursesReinoculationsAttendances at Clinics
Diphtheria only:
Kenwood Gardens Clinic108213621
Mayesbrook Clinic197231924
Infant Welfare Centres26382962
Totals at Clinics5685262,507
General Practitioners1,2041,524-
Whooping cough only:
Kenwood Gardens Clinic105_314
Mayesbrook Clinic184_551
Infant Welfare Centres2509803
Totals at Clinics53991,668
General Practitioners790125-
Tetanus only:
General Practitioners3--
Diphtheria and whooping cough (combined)
General Practitioners941497-
Diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus (triple):
Kenwood Gardens Clinic1-1
General Practitioners7040-