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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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Special cases are followed-up over a long period, re-attending the
clinic for examination periodically, and in cases where special treatment
or investigation is required admission is arranged to the Consultant
Paediatrician's hospital units.

OPHTHALMIC CLINICS. — Attendances of children under school age for treatment by the Ophthalmologists during 1961 were as follows:-

Kenwood Gardens ClinicMayesbrook ClinicManford Way ClinicTotal
Number of children who attended57648129
Number of pairs of spectacles prescribed1121133
Total number of attendances made8813412234

EAR NOSE AND THROAT CLINIC. - The E.N.T. Surgeon attended
at 50 sessions during 1961. There were 20 new cases commenced, and a
total of 34 attendances were made by children of pre-school age.
Operations were performed on two children, one at King George
Hospital and one at Chadwell Heath Hospital.

ARTIFICIAL SUNLIGHT CLINIC. - The following table summaries the attendances of children under 5 years:-

ClinicSessionsNew CasesOld CasesAttendancesDischarged
CuredMuch ImprovedLeft District etc.
Kenwood Gardens441_21-_

The conditions treated were anaemia, debility, malnutrition and
SPEECH CLINIC. — 43 children of pre-school age attended, making
569 attendances. The following is the classification of the defects found
hy the speech therapist:-
Dyslalia 16
Stammering 4
Retarded speech and language 17
Others 3
In three cases it was found that no treatment was required.