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St Giles (Camden) 1892

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Giles District]

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2.—Provision of Refuges.
For this purpose the premises No. 198, High Holborn,
the property of your Board, were prepared and rendered
suitable for the reception of persons not actually sick, but
members of any family in which the disease had appeared,
and who had been compelled to leave their dwellings to be
disinfected, or during the sickness of any person who
could not be removed.
In addition, necessary arrangements were made for
utilising one or more of the common lodging-houses in the
district for similar places of refuge.
3.—Disinfection and Destruction of Bedding, Clothing, Sc.
The arrangements for the disinfection of clothing, &c.,
entailed but little trouble, having regard to the fact that
the Washington Lyon's new improved disinfecting apparatus
had been just completed for use.
With regard to the destruction of infected bedding, &c.,
arrangement was made with Mr. Cookson, the Board's
contractor, for the removal in covered vans, and the
destruction by burning in the destructor at his wharf on
the Albert Embankment, of any infected articles which
might require to be so dealt with.
4.—Ambulances for the Removal of Patients.
The Asylums Board forwarded a statement showing
where ambulances for the removal of patients were provided,*
the one most convenient for this district being
that situate at the Western Fever Hospital in Seagrave
Road, Fulbam, S.W.
* The Metropolitan Asylums Board have (at this date) suggested a list of places,
within and adjacent to the District, suitable for the purposes of Cholera Litter

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