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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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of the
In the last Report the Vestry referred to the question
of the improvement of the footbridge and the
approaches thereto, over the railways of the West
London Extension and the London, Chatham and
Dover Railway Companies at Culvert Road, and the
widening and improvement of the West London
Extension Railway Bridge over Latchmere Road, for which the
necessary powers were obtained by the late Metropolitan Board
of Works in their Various Powers Act of 1888.
The Vestry are pleased to record that the widening and
heightening of the railway bridge over Latchmere Road was put
in hand in January, 1890, by the London County Council, and
the work is making rapid progress. It is anticipated that a very
large increase of traffic will take place along this road upon the
completion of the improvement, when facilities will be afforded
for the passage of vehicles by the additional headway under the
new bridge.
In connection with this improvement, the sewer passing
under the bridge will be required to be laid at a lower level,
consequent upon the lowering of the roadway, and the Vestry
have arranged with the County Council to include in the
Contract for this work a length of 210 feet of sewer, which it is
also necessary to relay between Abercrombie Street and Sheepcote
Lane, at the cost of the Vestry ; this portion of the sewer
being entirely distinct from the portion which the Council
require to alter.
The Vestry regret that the improved footbridge
over the West London Extension and the London
Chatham and Dover Railways in Culvert Road has not yet
been commenced. The County Council, are, however,
acquiring the necessary property, and the Vestry have every
reason to believe that this work will be proceeded with very