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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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A complete list of the contracts entered into by the Vestry
and existing during the year ended 25th March, 1890, is set out
in an Appendix (No. XI) to this report.
to attend.
Messrs. F. Higgs, H. Turnor, and A. Bridge were
appointed by the Vestry to attend a conference
convened by the Kensington Vestry, and held at the
Town Hall, Kensington, on the 14th and 28th April, 1890,
in re Precepts of the School Board for London, and those
gentlemen subsequently submitted a report upon the deliberations
of the Conference, which was duly considered by the Vestry.
received by the
The Vestry received a Deputation of ratepayers
on the 12th March, relative to the lighting of Wandsworth
Common. This subject is referred to at length on page
No. 33 of this report.
The repairs to the Albert Bridge, which had been
in hand during the greater part of the previous year,
were completed under the supervision of the Engineer to the
London County Council in the month of May, 1889.
The anticipations of the late Metropolitan Board
of Works, that the new Battersea Bridge would be
completed during the year 1889, were not realized, and the
work is still in hand. The Vestry learn, however, that the
County Council expect to open the bridge to the public in
July, 1890.
The necessary powers for the re-construction of this bridge
were conferred upon the late Metropolitan Board of Works by
the Metropolitan Bridges Act, 1881, and the length of time
occupied by the work has caused great inconvenience to the inhabitants
and manufacturers of the Parish, and has resulted in
serious loss to the traders in Bridge Road, the bridge having
been necessarily closed for vehicular traffic during the process of