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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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of York
Park Road,
Nine Elms
Lane, and
High Street
The Vestry at their meeting on the 24th April,
further considered the question of the widening of
York Road, Battersea Park Road, Nine Elms Lane,
and High Street, Vauxhall, and on the 29th April a
communication was addressed to the County Council
again pointing out the urgent necessity of these improvements
being carried out as speedily as possible. On the
18th June a further communication was addressed to the
Council upon the subject, but the Vestry can only again
express their extreme regret that the Council did not consider
the question of improving these thoroughfares of sufficient
importance to justify action in the matter.
New Bridge by
the Royal
Masonic Institution
The contract with Messrs. M. T. Shaw & Co.,
for the construction of a bridge for vehicular traffic
over the railways by the Royal Masonic Institution
for Girls, Wandsworth Common, reference to
which was made in the last annual report of the Vestry, was
completed and the bridge thrown open to the public on the 23rd
Action by the
Royal Masonic
Institution for
Girls, relative
to new Bridge.
During the construction of this bridge, a
difference arose between the Vestry and the
Governing Body of the Institution, as to the fixing
of the face girder at the south-eastern corner of the bridge
adjoining the schools, the House Committee of the Institution
contending that the girder, if fixed as proposed, would prevent
free access to the Institution. A writ of action was served upon
the Vestry in the matter on the 9th September and on the nth
September, an interim injunction was obtained restraining the
Vestry from fixing the girder referred to.
A specification and plan of works at the Lodge and
entrance to the Institution which would, if executed by the
Vestry, meet the objections raised by the House Committee,
were received and considered by the Vestry on the 25th
On the 2nd October the action for a continuance of the
interim injunction came before Lord Justice Denman, who