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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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This profit, it is believed, will be sustained, if not largely
increased during the ensuing year.
A still greater profit might be obtained by sifting and
sorting the materials as collected and as carried out by contractors,
selling the marketable articles and destroying the un.
saleable or more objectionable portions of the refuse, but this,
on sanitary grounds, is unadvisable, as it would destroy the
object for which the Destructors were erected.

The following is the total cost of the Dusting Establishment for the 12 months ended the 25th March, 1890:—

Cost of Dusting for the 12 months as per statement7.33422
Add cost of removing 1,614 tons of fine ash on the ground at the 25th March at 2/6 per ton20115O
Less value of 1,555 tons of clinker on the ground on the 25th March, at 1/6 per ton116126
Deduct profit realized on manufacture and sale of tar paving and silica paving to March 25th, 1890932147
And value of tar and silica paving in stock on the 25th March, 1890386O61,318151
Total cost£6,10097

Since the opening of the Destructors on the 25th June,
1888, the Vestry have erected on the ground of the Dust Depot
stabling for 20 horses, Foreman's Residence, Smith's and Wheelwright's
Workshop, &c., and these since the 24th August last
have been in active operation.