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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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At the present time there are stabled at the Dust Depot
19 horses, which are employed in the Dusting work of the Parish.
In connection with the before-mentioned workshops at the
Dust Depot, and since the 13th of September, 1889, a Wheelwright
and Blacksmith, with assistance, have been employed in
the general repair of the carts, vans, tools, and other jobbing
work of the Parish, and in the shoeing of the horses stabled at
the Depot, the expenditure in each department from this date to
the 25th March, being as follows:—


Blacksmith and Assistant. Wages and materials, mak- ing and repairing tools in shop3180
Wages, general workI05107
Materials „2102126109

Road watering.
The amount paid to the Water Companies during
the year was £854 5s. 2d., and is made up as follows:—
£672 9s. 8d. for water, being at the rate of £11 4s. 2d.
per mile, and £181 15s. 6d. for rent of Standposts, Meters, &c.,
being at the rate of £3 0s. 7d., or a total of £14 14s. 9d. per mile.
The following are the details of the amounts paid to the
Wrater Companies during the past season, viz:—


Wheel wright snd Assistan£5.
Wheel- Wages, general work70147
Materials, general work4210