London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Park Grove, Kilton Street, Peveril Street, Ashurst Street,
Broomwood Road, Louvaine Road, Benham Street and Plough
The works executed at the cost of owners of property
were as follows, viz. 16 Ventilating Shafts in Worfield Street,
Juer Street, Gayville Road, Devereux Road and Hillier Road ;
171 Gullies in Dulka Road, Thurleigh Road, Battersea Park
Road, Worfield Street, Juer Street, Gayville Road, Devereux
Road, Hillier Road, Comyn Road, Chatto Road, Marney Road,
Sugden Road, Eckstein Road, Severus Road, Lavender
Gardens, Mossbury Road, Beechmore Road, Warriner
Gardens, Prince of Wales' Road, Forfar Road, Burland
Road, Broomwood Road and Estcourt Road.
Private Drains.
During the past year, 2,004 feet run of pipes for
draining 113 Houses have been constructed in the
Parish by the Contractor to the Vestry, at the expense of the
respective owners of the property.
On the various new Building Estates, provision has also
been made during the construction of the new sewers
and in laying out the Estates for the drainage of the intended
Houses, many of which have already been erected or are in
course of erection.

The provision for house or private drainage on the several Estates being as follows, viz.:-

Name of Estate or Street.No. of Houses.No. of Drains.Length of pipes in ft.
Worfield Street6240360440
Juer Street4623-460
Gayville Road78781,560
Devereux Road80801,600-
Hillier Road82821,640-
Chatham Terrace1818-