London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Road or Street.Sizes and Lengths of Sewers.
18 ins. Pipe.12 ins. Pipe.
Sheepcote LaneFeet. ...Feet. 1,270
Worfield Street...750
Juer Street...625
Gayville Road985...
Devereux Road985...
Hillier Road985...
Henning Street...22
Chatham Terrace...325

New Ventilating Shafts, Pipes and Gullies,
In addition to the foregoing 48 Ventilating Shafts,
11 Ventilating Pipes carried from the Sewers to
the tops of adjacent houses, and 194 Gullies have
been constructed at a cost of £1,893.
Thirty-two of the Ventilating Shafts, the 11 Ventilating
Pipes and 23 of the Gullies were constructed by the Vestry at a
cost of £675 : 0 : 0., the remainder being constructed at the
cost of the owners of the adjoining property.
The Shafts, &c., constructed at the cost of the Vestry
were in the following roads, viz.:—32 Ventilating Shafts
in Sudbrook Road, Home Road, Banbury Street, Stanmer
Street, Orbel Street, Kilton Street, Poyntz Road, Latchmere
Road, Knowsley Road, Landseer Street, Cologne Road, Linda
Street, Havelock Terrace, Stewart's Lane West, Warsill Street,
Haines Street, Russell Street, Chesney Street, Parkside Street,
Moat Street, Stewart's Road, Vicarage Road and Sussex Street;
11 Ventilating pipes up houses in Orbell Street, Balfern Street,
Wye Street, Warriner Gardens, Candahar Road, Gwynne
Road, Henley Street, Thessaly Square, Mundella Road, Leathwaite
Road and Knox Road ; and 23 Gullies in Lombard Road,