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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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The following details give the total particulars of all drains for the 12 months, ended 25th March, 1890:—

No. of Drains.No. of Houses.Length and size.Total lengths.Total.

Note A.—Houses drained by the Contractor to the Vestry,
and paid for by owners of property.
Note 3.—Houses erected, in course of erection, or about to he
erected, for which provision to drain has been made.

Highways. The following are the particulars of the quantities of the materials used in the repairs of the Roads and Footpaths within the Parish during the past year, viz.:—

Guernsey Granite.Guernsey Siftings.Enderby Granite.Cornish Granite.Cornish Siftings.Fine Gravel.Rough Gravel & Pit Flints.Kentish Flints.Kentish Rag Chippings.Hard Core.Total Yards cube

The total length of Roads repaired by the Vestry for the
year ended March, 1890, was 59 miles, 7 furlongs, 210 yards;
being 2 miles, 7 furlongs 23 yards above that of the previous year
by the adoption of the following New Roads, viz.:—Comyn
Road, Dulka Road, Chatto Road, Marney Road, Sugden Road,