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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Of the above cases, on 1/1/49, 508 were inmates at Runwell
Hospital and 14 in other institutions. During the year, 180 were
admitted to Runwell and 7 to other hospitals, 165 were discharged
from Runwell and 3 from other institutions, '20 of the deaths
occurred in Runwell and one elsewhere and on 31/12/49, the cases
were accommodated as follows :—503, Runwell, 17 other
t No defectives under guardianship were dealt with during the year under the
provisions of Section 8 or 9.

Table 39.

MENTAL DEFICIENCY ACTS, 1913-1938. Particulars of Mental Defectives as on 1/1/50.

1. No. of ascertained mental defectives found " Subject to be dealt with " :—
(a) In institutions (including cases on licence therefrom)Under 16 years of age9918
Aged 16 years and over7984163
(6)†Under guardianship (including cases on licence therefrom)Under 16 years of age11
Aged 16 years and over51015
(c) In " places of safety "22
(d) Under statutory supervision (excluding cases on licence)Under 16 years of age201535
Aged 16 years and over7665141
(e) Action not yet taken under any one or the above headings
Total ascertained cases found to be " Subject to be dealt with "192183375
No. of cases included in (6) tO (C) above waiting removal to an institutionM.F.Total
2. No. of mental defectives not at present "Subject to be dealt with " but over whom some form of voluntary supervision is maintained:—
Under 16 years of age
Aged 16 years and over252348
Total No. of mental defectives (1) and (2)217206423
3. No. of mental defectives receiving training :—
(a) In day training centresUnder 16 years or age7815
Aged 16 years and over9918
(b) At home