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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(b) Under the Lunacy and Mental Treatment Acts 1890-1930,
by Duly Authorised Officers.
See (ii) (a) and tables 38 and 42.
(c) Under Mental Deficiency Acts, 1913-1938.
(i) The ascertainment of defectives is carried out by the
mental health section of the Health Department, and the number
of defectives awaiting vacancies in institutions at the end of the year
was 9 (see table 38).
(ii) All guardianship cases are supervised either directly
or indirectly by the department.
Number supervised by National Association for Mental
Health 6
Number of Orders discharged by Board of Control 27
Number provided with financial assistance by National
Assistance Board 26
Number of cases visited by members of Mental Health
Committee, on rota 11
Details of cases under supervision who are regularly visited by
the duly authorised officers are shewn in table 38.
(iii) Training of selected defectives is carried out at the
Council's Occupation Centre, open for 5 days in the week, at the
Labour Hall, Katherine Road, E.6. For details see table 40.

Table 38.

MENTAL PATIENTS—Lunacy and Mental Treatment Acts.

Type of patientNumber on register on 1 /I /49Admissions to institutions during the year 1949Discharges from institutions during the year 1949Deaths in institutions during the year 1949Number on register on 31/12/49
Certified —Males16123163165
Voluntary —Males835851684
Grand Totals52218716821520

No. of patients released on trial during 1949—7 Males, 21 Females, Total 28.
No. of patients returned from trial during 1949—1 Female.