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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Table 40.


II. Particulars of cases reported during the year 1949 :
(1) Ascertainment—
(a) Cases reported by Local Education Authorities (Section 57, Education Act, 1944)—
(i) Under Section 57 (3)5510
(ii) Under Section 57 (5) :—
On leaving special schools325
On leaving ordinary schools
(6) Other ascertained defectives reported during 1949 and found to be " Subject to be dealt with"426
(c) Other reported cases ascertained during 1949 who are not at present " Subject to be dealt with "11
Total No. of cases reported during the year121022
(2) Disposal of cases reported during the year :—
(a) Ascertained defectives found to be " Subject to
be dealt with "—
(i) Admitted to institutions22
(ii) Placed under guardianship
(iii) Taken to " places of safety "11
(iv) Placed under statutory supervision8614
(v) Died or removed from area11
(vi) Action not yet taken
(vii) Awaiting admission to institution Total ascertained defectives found to be " Subject to be dealt with "123 93 21
(b) Cases not at present " Subject to be dealt with "—
(i) Placed under voluntary supervision11
III. No. of cases in institutions, under community care including voluntary supervision or in " places of safety " on 1 /I /49, who have ceased to be under any of these forms of care during 1949—
(a) Ceased to be under care
(b) Died, removed from area, or lost sight of...
IV. Of the total No. of defectives known to the L.H.A.—
(a) No. who have given birth to children during 1949 :
(i) After marriage —
(ii) While unmarried 1
(6) No. who have married during 1949213
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During 1949, the number of guardianship orders discharged
with the approval of the Board of Control in accordance with
Circular 177/48 (Ministry of Health) and the financial provisions
transferred to the National Assistance Board, was 6 males and
21 females.

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