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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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There is little doubt that this is a useful method of education
to bring home the dangers which lurk in badly planned kitchens
and/or unlighted staircases, but above all it points the lesson of
'awareness' and handiness which many children never properly
master, leading them into adult life to swell the numbers of
accident-prone individuals in industry and of inadequate citizens,
unable to make their full contribution to the home or the community.
A body of well-informed opinion hold that the film possesses
little value as a vehicle of propaganda and health education.
There is undoubtedly the danger that the beauty of the films steals
away the senses so that little is ultimately grasped by the mind of
the lesson it was intended to impart.
However, thanks are due to the Insurance Company who loaned
their apparatus and films and realising the difficulties alluded to
supplied highly trained personnel to add verbal instruction and
advice at each showing.


Town Hall Annexe—week commencing 24/10/49.Manor Park Clinic—week commencing 31/10/49.
Mon. 24th504090Mon., 31st Oct.30150180
Tues. 25th70220290Tues., 1st Nov.6060120
Wed. 26th404080Wed., 2nd Nov.80120200
Thurs. 27th404080Thurs., 3rd Nov.7070140
Fri. 28th20040240Fri., 4th Nov.7070140

Water Supply.
(i) The water supply of the Borough in its several parts
has been satisfactory both in quality and quantity.
(ii) All houses in the area have water services laid on from
the Metropolitan Water Board's mains. No bacteriological
or chemical analyses were made by this Authority
of the raw water going into supply.
(iii) The water supply of this district from the Metropolitan
Water Board does not give rise to plumbo-solvent action.
(iv) There were no contamination areas.