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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Meat and Other Foods.
As will be seen in the Report no slaughterhouse in this
Borough was in operation during the year. With regard to meat
inspection and other foods see report of the Chief Sanitary
Food Poisoning.
In accordance with Ministry of Health Circular 46/49, the
following information was supplied :—
(1) Food Poisoning Notifications (Corrected) Return to Registrar-General:—
1st Quarter Nil
2nd „ 1
3rd 3
4th „ Nil
Total 4
(2) Outbreaks due to identified agents:
There were no outbreaks during the year.
(3) Outbreaks of undiscovered cause:—
There were no oubreaks during the year.
(4) Single cases:—
Agent identified 3
Unknown cause 1
Total 4
Clean Food Campaign.
Having regard to the attention which has recently been
focussed upon the subject of food hygiene through the public
press and otherwise, it is proposed to place before the Council,
at an early date, plans for a clean food campaign in the Borough—
a campaign which it is hoped will receive not only the full support
of the burgesses, but the active and enthusiastic co-operation of
all classes of food traders in the Borough.
Factories Acts, 1937 and 1948.
In accordance with the Factories Act, 1937, and at the
request of the Minister of Labour and National Service, the
following information is included in this report. (See Table 13.)