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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Civic Week—17th to 22nd October, 1949.
The part played by the health services in the life of the
community was amply exemplified in the various stapds arranged
by the health department at the Civic Week Exhibition. Posters
in simple design and attractive colourings pointed to the continual
need for good standards of personal hygiene in the clean food
campaign now being launched.
Charts, drawings and photographs made public the achievements
of the health department in the various fields of epidemiology
and medico-social services, including the reduction of infantile
mortality, safe childbirth, victory over diphtheria and the value
of the ambulance service.
On the stands were colourful and attractive exhibits of the
work of the mental health occupation therapy centre, a symbolic
representation of the activities of the home help and home nursing
services and arrangements of prepared foods illustrating ideal
meals for growing children at various ages. The maternity and
child welfare department made very instructive displays of baby
clothes including the furnishings of a simple baby-cot, and other
exhibits alluded to the work of the domiciliary midwives and the
school health service.
An opportunity was taken to achieve some education of all
sections of the public in health matters by distribution of leaflets,
personal talks by members of the staff and the use of a strip film
The wonderful attendance testified to the success of the
exhibition generally and we feel that the health department's
display made a fair contribution in bringing before the people a
comprehensive presentation of their own services.
Film Shows.
Daily film shows over a limited period of two weeks were held
at the Town Hall Annexe and the Church Road Clinic. Attendance
was invited from all schools of children over 10 years of age, parents
generally and interested members of the staffs of all council departments.
The subject matter covered the work of district nurses and
safety in the home.