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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Still Births.
The number of still births registered was 48 compared with
46 for the previous year. The rate per 1,000 total (live and still)
births was 24.2, the figure for 1948 being 20.5.

The still birth mortality rates for England and Wales and East Ham are shewn in the following table :—-

England and Wales0.500.460.530.500.420.39
East Ham0.490.530.560.510.380.39

The rates for East Ham per 1,000total (live and still) births for the past five years are indicated below :—

No. of still births5164614648
Rate per 1,000 total births28.424.221.0620.524.2

The number of live births registered was 1,934, as compared
with 2,194 for the year 1948, equivalent to a birth rate of 15.8 per
1,000 of the civilian population—the figure for the previous year—

A comparison of the statistics for the period since 1945 is appended below:—

No. of Births (East Ham)1,7422,5772,8352,1941,934
Birth rate (East Ham)18.222.6923.818.115.8
„ ,, (England & Wales)

The number of deaths of residents dying within or without
the district was 1,342, as compared with 1,172 for the year 1948.
The death rate per 1,000 of the civilian population was 11.0, that
for the previous year being 9.67. Of the total deaths, 569 or 42