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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Statistical and Social Conditions of the Area


Area (in statute acres) land and water3,824
Population. Census—1931142,394
Estimated civilian population—1949121,900
Number of inhabited houses (end of 1949 according to rate books) (including tenements and shops)34,285
Rateable value at 31st December, 1949£760,207
Sum represented by a penny rate for the year 1949£3,050

Extracts from Vital Statistics.

Live birthsLegitimate1,869940929
Still birthsLegitimate432815

Deaths—Total 1,342. Males 708. Females 634.

Deaths from Puerperal causes :—

DeathsRate per 1,000 Total (Live and Still) Births
Puerperal Sepsis
Other Maternal Causes31.513

Deaths of infants under one year of age :—

Ail infants per 1,000 live births24
Legitimate infants per 1,000 legitimate live births24
Illegitimate infants per 1,000 illegitimate live births30
Deaths from Cancer (all ages)241
Deaths from Measles (all ages)1
Deaths from Whooping Cough (all ages)
Deaths from Diarrhoea (under 2 years)3