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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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New Cases.

The following are the comparative figures for the years 1939—1945;

New cases and contacts4865826579971,3171,0341,034
Number proved after] complete investigation, to be tuberculosis )30'4%2t'99%19'77%15-65%17-61% 15-75%24-85%
includes ex service cases
AttendancesMedical examinations

Consultations at Homes of Patients.
During the year 23 visits were made to the homes of patients
who were too ill to attend the clinic.

Number of X=Ray Examinations at the Chest Clinic.


The number of attendances and medical examinations are the
highest on record and are practically twice those of 1939.
The number of new cases, including contacts, was 1050.
The percentage of these which proved to be tuberculosis was
higher than since 1940, being 24.85%.
X-Ray examinations of the chest contine to increase in
number, so much so, that the present facilities are becoming
inadequate for the purpose.
Dr. Philip Ellman, Consultant to the Clinic, reports on the
work of the Chest Clinic as follows :—
The Government White Paper on the National Health Scheme
has reviewed past achievements and the present situation available
to the community, and has put forward ideas for improved
amenities which should be established. As far as the