London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Note : M = Males.

F = Females T = Total.

TABLE 15. Blind Persons Acts, 1920/38. Registration. (As at 31.3.46.)

Age Periods of Registered Blind Persons.

Age Period 0—1Age Period 1—5Age Period 5—16Age Period 16—21Age Period 21—40Age Period 40—50Age Period 50—65Age Period 65—70Age Period 70 and overAge UnknownTotal of all Age Groups
Ages at which Blindness occurred.
Age Period 0—1Age Period 1—5Age Period 5—10Age Period 10—20Age Period 20—30Age Period 30-40Age Period 40—50Age Period 50—60Age Period 60—70Age Period 70 and overAge Period UnknownTotal of all Age Groups
Children of School Age, 5—16.Training and Employment and Unemployment. Age Period 16 and upwards.
In Schools for the BlindNormalMentally DefectivePhysically DefectiveEmployedUndergoing TrainingUnemployed(k)(1)
M.F.M.F.M.F.By Blind Organisations(c)(d)(e)(f)(g)(h)(i)(j)
All others not included inTotalIndustrialSecondaryProfessional and UniversityTrained but unemployedNo Training but TrainableUnemployableTotal" Unemployables " in (j) over age 70
Other Schools-M.F.T.M.F.T.M.F.T.M.F.T.M.F.T.M.F.T.M.F.T.M.F.T.MF.T.M.F.T.M.F.T.M.F.T.
Not at School117613213133162210 j32213-------1111267104171921172093758 |95
Occupations of F.mployed Blind Persons.
Agents, Collectors, etc.Basket WorkersBedding (including Divans and Ottomans) and UpholsteringBoot RepairersBraille Copyists and Proof ReadersBrush MakersCarpenters and WoodworkersChair SeatersClerks and TypistsCoal Bag MakersDealers, Tea Agents, Newsagents, ShopkeepersFirewood Workersj GardenersHawkers, News-vendors, etc.Home TeachersKnittersLabourersMassageMat MakersMinisters of ReligionMusicians and Music TeachersNetting MakersPorters, Packers, CleanersPoultry FarmersSchool TeachersShips Fender (Fendoff) MakersTelephone OperatorsTunersWeaversMiscellaneousIn Sighted IndustryTotal
Mattress MakersMachinistsUpholsterersHandMachine
(a) Within Institutions for the Blind33----1----------4------------2--13
(b) In approved Home Workers' Schemes-----------------1------------2---3
(c) Others (not Pastime Workers)1--2----1-1-----------------4--4116
(d) Total43211-11424224132