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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Training Centre.
The Occupation Centre for mental defectives was closed at
the beginning of the last war, and was re-opened in new premises,
the Labour Hall, Katherine Road, E.6, on 4/5/42, and whole day
sessions commenced on 29/6/42 with the provision of a mid-day
These arrangements have continued since that date.
The attendances during 1945 are indicated below:β€”
Morning Session:β€”
Number on register 21 (15 males and 6 females)
Number of sessions 208
Total attendances 3,628
Average attendance 17
Afternoon Session:β€”
Number on register 22 (14 males and 8 females)
Number of sessions 208
Total attendances 3,677
Average attendance 17
Note.β€”One male attended 3 mornings weekly and two females
on afternoons only.
Blind Persons Acts, 1920/38
The work of ascertainment and medical examination has
continued and blind persons are under the constant supervision
and care of Miss Kingston. Lectures and instruction in Moon
and Braille are given during the day, and evening visits are paid
when required. All blind persons and dependants are now
entitled to free medical treatment under the Council's Social
Welfare Domiciliary Medical Service Scheme.
A tribute is due to the local Welfare Association for their
interest and Social activities on behalf of the blind,