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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(g) Runwell Mental Hospital.
(East Ham and Southend=on Sea Joint Hospital Board).
Mental patients are accommodated in Runwell Mental
Hospital, Essex, belonging to the Joint Authority of County
Boroughs of East Ham and Southend-on-Sea.
Statistics and other information relating to the Hospital are
contained in the Annual Report for 1945.
(h) Smallpox.
(i) East Ham Memorial Hospital.
Statistics from the hospital report for the year 1945 are as


A. In-Patients

Number of Beds and In-Patients.

Numbers in 1945Numbers in previous year.
(a) Complement at31st December*151†211
(b) Average Daily Complement during the year170.8211
(c) Average Daily Number Closed during the year owing to:—
(i) Rebuilding
(ii) Repairs, Redecoration, Cleaning or Infection--
(iii) Other Causes (enemy action)47.888
(d) Average Daily Number Open during the year
(i) Emergency Hospital Scheme, Casualty beds29.036.0
(ii) Other beds75.961.7
2.Number of In-Patients in the Hospital at beginning of year8061
3.Number of In-Patients admitted during the year2,3212.098
4.Number of In-Patients in Hospital at end of year8280
5.Average Number of days each Patient was resident13.712.6
6.Number of Patients admitted and dischirged durine the year who were resident for
(i) only 1 day364315
(ii) 2 and 3 days344285

Including 20 Beds for Emergency Hospital Scheme,
,, 80 ,, ,, ,, ,,