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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(2)Number of cases in (1) in which attempts were made outside the scope of the Regulation to persuade the contact to be examined before the latter had been named on a second form --4
Contacts found
Contacts examined 1
(3)Number of those in (1) in respect of whom two or more Forms 1 were received-5
(4)Number of those in (3) who were:—
(a) found4
(b) examined after persuasion4
(c) served with Form 2
(d) examined after service of Form 2
(e) prosecuted for failure :—
(i) to attend for, and submit to, medical attention--
(ii) to submit to and continue treatment-

Mental Deficiency.
Whilst the difficulty formerly experienced in obtaining
institutional accommodation has been relieved by the provision of
South Ockendon Colony, the placing of low grade cases is still
a problem-
Statistics are given later in the Report.
General and Special Hospitals and
Children's Homes
(a) Provided by Local Authority, (b) Maternity, (c) Orthopaedic,
(d) Ear, Nose and Throat, (e) Puerperal Pyrexia, (f) Ophthalmia
In my last report (1938) before the war, I stated that the
Council were in negotiation with the East Ham Memorial Hospital
for the erection of a maternity and children's block at the hospital.
The maternity block was opened on 1/11/43, with 15 beds. There
are no further comments to make on existing arrangements.
Particulars have been set out in previous reports.