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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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The number of diphtheria Swabs examined at the Infectious Diseases Hospital and Town Hall Annexe Laboratory, was as follows—

Infectious Diseases Hospital6446S579
Town Hall Annexe58I1157o

Ambulance Facilities.
At the beginning- of the war, (he 2 public ambulances were
transferred from the Fire Brigade and operated with the Civil
Defence Ambulance section. The 2 infectious diseases ambulances
continued to operate separately from the Infectious
Diseases Hospital.
With the disbandment of Civil Defence, the ambulance service
reverted to Public Health.

The Council decided to create an ambulance section of the Public Health Dept. and to pool all the ambulances (including the 2 from the Infectious Diseases Hospital) and on Sunday, 1st July, 1945, this section commenced to function and the Ju'y. I945. this section commenced to function and the following information in respect of the work performed from 1/7/45 to 31/12/45 is given below:—