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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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MIDWIVES ACTS, 1902 to 1936.
The number of midwives who notified their intention to
practise in East Ham during- 1945 was 29. Of this number 13
worked in connection with the Maternity Hospital and District
Nurses' Home, l'laistow, and its branches—1 at Sir Henry Tate
Nurses' Home, Silvertown—9 at East Ham Memorial Hospital
—and 6 practised independently, including 3 Municipal Midwives.
Summary of cases, 1945 :—
Midwifery 161 Monthly 95 Hospital 170
Laboratory Facilities
As detailed in previous reports the majority of the specimens
are sent for examination-to the East Ham Memorial Hospital.

During- 1945, 1,230 specimens were examined and the nature of these examinations is shewn below:—

SpecimenA umber
Blood (Sedimentation Rate)roS45
Blood (Widal Test)1 1
Blood (Count)26
Blood (Wasserinann)7 1
Blood (Other)3 )
Sputa (for Tuberculosis, Direct method)958993
Sputa (for Tuberculosis, Antiformin method)14 1
Sputa (for Tuberculosis, Cultures)16 !
Sputa (for Tuberculosis, Concentration method
Sputa (for Asbestosis) ...3
Sputa (for Malignant cells)3
Mantoux test (for Tuberculosis)1845
Swabs (for Tuberculosis)2 \
Swabs (rectal for enteritis)16 |
Swabs (for haemolytic Strepts.)10
Swabs (for Gonococci)4 I
Swabs (other)13 J
Fae:"« (for various exams.)14
Total :1,230