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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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During the year 5,012 attendances were made for treatment
at the various clinics and there were 9,616 consultations with the
Medical Officers.
(a) Minor Ailments.
A total of 1,531 defects were treated or under treatment
during the year at the Minor Ailment Clinics.
(b) Tonsils and Adenoids.
The number of cases in which operative treatment was provided
totalled 299, compared with 207 during the previous year.
The scheme for treatment is the same as detailed in previous
(c) Tuberculosis.
Arrangements for the treatment of tuberculosis have been
continued on the lines set forth in previous reports.
(d) Skin Diseases.
In general, cases are treated at the minor ailment clinics, but
some chronic and less common skin diseases have been referred
to the dermatological department at the London Hospital. X-ray
treatment of ringworm has also been provided. The Borough
Cleansing Centre continues to deal with cases of scabies.
(e) External Eye Disease.
Thirty-nine cases, compared with 61 in 1944 were treated
at the School Clinics.
(f) Vision.
Eighty-five Ophthalmic Clinic sessions were held during
1945 334 cases accepted treatment in respect of visual defect
during the year, and 243 cases were treated.