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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(g) Vision.
The number of cases of defective vision referred to the
Ophthalmic Clinic was 103 including one case of squint.
Twenty-three children, with less marked visiual defect are being
kept under observation.
(h) Ear Disease and Hearing.
Four children were found to be suffering from otitis media,
four exhibited slight hearing defect and eight other cases of
ear disease were noted.
(i) Dental Defects.
Of a total of 9,163 children examined at routine dental
inspection, 3,537 or 38.6 per cent. were in need of dental
(j) Nutrition.

No children were found to be suffering from defects of nutrition; the member and percentage of slight subnormality shews a small increase over recent years as indicated by the following tables:-

YearNumber of Children InspectedExcellentNormalSlightly Sub normalBad
19415526112420.3435078 7520.9
1912380369418.3309681 41303
19434453446100400089 870-2
1944247130112 2216287 5803
1945360441212 3289486 44413

The incidence of infectious diseases among children attending
the schools remained low.
The School Nurses have paid 1,859 visits during the year
to the homes of children in whom defects were found at medical
inspection and for special investigations.