London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Clerkenwell 1865

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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Paving Repairs, &c.Law Expenses,
345Brown and Robinson, work done in Crawford Passage301311254Boulton, W. J., and Stamping Contracts and Bonds221008114410444
366Dibbin036370Atkinson, Stamping Contracts and Bonds1910021002200
Sewell and Son1129
Grey and Son081
Franklin0184359Hanyes, Thos., making Survey and Valuation of Model Lodging Houses, &c.4010040100
Lumley379Salaries and Wages.
Nosworthy063250Vestry Clerk750030000300007500
251Assistant do.40001700016710042100
398Coal plates, received for letting in same290349-50Junior do.90009000
253Surveyor (two-thirds of)500020000200005000
Miscellaneous.256Medical Officer250010000100002500
216Inspector, &c.163160163160
363Gregory, damage to street lamp140237Laborers' Wages5659156591
Pickford and Company0116115627-380Ditto, Edging York and Crossings943943
364Cost of summonses returned140Compensations.
374Amount received for incidentals charged to this account6310257Cromwell, Thomas300012000120003000
404Stock sold386258Smith, Richard926277636100
569-71Collectors' Commission5517221516102001277115
269Islington Vestry, repair of portion of Caledonian-road17133231102311017133
315Cook, G.1025003710055000512100
314Provident Clerks' Association511501150522100
Sundry Bills.
299Inglis, J., Stationery3124153015323122
304Aldridge, G., Chandlery22471445024166
303Dore, .J., Plumber's Work3363718103417709
298Goode, T., Printing428103356934
306Dudley, C., Smith's Work1261010367761039125
307Taylor, L., Locksmith's Work146146
309Fowler, D., Carpenter's Work4121161121141
319Moore, B. R. & Co., Winding and Repairing Clocks11001100
Carried forward1301331194500Carried forward297110510623167108781482716124
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