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Clerkenwell 1865

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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Fol. in Ledg.RECEIPTS.Moneys received by the Vestry from 25th March, 1865, to 25th March, 1866.Moneys owing to the Vestry 25th March, 1866.Fol. in Ledg.EXPENDITURE.Unpaid at 25th March, 1865.Incurred from 25th March, 1865, to 25th March. 1866.Paid from 25th March, 1865, to 25th March, 1866.Unpaid at 25th March 1866.
GENERAL ACCOUNT contd.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.GENERAL ACCOUNT contd.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.
Brought forward470461843177Brought forward6894847001110416672122394
Do. collected on Rate made381Stockley, Cartage250250
191March, 1865493903279New River Co., Water and Meter hire4110341103
194Do. do. Oct., 1865484994
10258141Ditto, Water for Urinals440440
Do. Outstanding, gross £1219 6s. recoverable about79500295Perkins, H., Sloppg. District No. 11100008250027500
296Reddin, E. „ „ No. 22221008100083210020000
356Winn, Wm., Dusting & Cleansing Wards, 1, 2 and 31086810868
Ditto, Hire of Water Carts7350973509
Ditto, Cleansing portion of City- road as agreed55005500
Rents.378Tildesley & Son, Paving Materials225148157856863
26793, Chapel Street10188
274Old Toll Gate House, Pentonville Road9151020146
279New River Co., repair of trenches138162Rents and Taxes.
279New River Co., Ground Rent for Vestry Hall (£10 less Property Tax91639163
282Imperial Gas Light Co., do.4828
284Chartered do. do.11381
286City do. do.27140328011
Ditto, Water Rate for Vestry's Premises11601160
369Kelly, Expenses of removing stones from Clerkenwell Green, preparatory to the Borough Elections, as required by the Returning Officer1915Ditto, Ground Rent for Urinal, Hardwick-street010010
Ditto do., Drinking Fountain, Claremont-square010010
270Penton, H., Esq., Ground Rent of Pentonville-rd. and Penton-place13332611126891357
264Licence fees for the erection of Hoardings36126341Rivington, W., Esq., Rent of 46, St. John's-square, occupied by Inspector Buckler6100260026006100
277Queen's Taxes550550
356Winn, Wm., for dust from whole Parish, as per Contract4500015000272Poor Rate41604160
273General Rate140140
275Insurance, Vestry Hall01800180
Carried forward129571094500Carried forward103914781204107373831786112
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