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Clerkenwell 1865

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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Fol. in LedgRECEIPTS.Moneys received by the Vestry from 25th March, 1865, to 25th March, 1866.Moneys owing to the Vestry 25th March, 1866.Fol. in Ledg.EXPENDITURE.Unpaid at 25th March, 1865.Incurred from 25th March, 1865, to 25th March, 1866.Paid from 25th March, 1865,to 25th March, 1866.Unpaid at 25th March, 1866.
£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.GENERAL ACCOUNT cant.£s.d.£S.d.£s.d.£s.d.
Brought forward1301331194500Brought forward297110510623167108781482716124
Sundry Bills..
321Edwards & Son, RepairingHose, &c.55655010106
358Smith and Co., Printing20762076
340Thomas, Inspectors' Hats21602160
369Lawrence, J., New Trucks613660012136
337Coals for Vestry Offices18001800
375Rewards for Convicting Men sweeping slops down Gullies, and Damaging Pavement21002100
375Mewitt, Repairing Vestry's Truck596596
377Swindell, Street posts1110711107
312Summerfield, Inspector's Suits12401240
355Beggs, T., Urinals, King's Crossroad and Clerkenwell-green1260012600
570Cheque Books01680168
Miscellaneous Exp. per Current Expenses Account 20 13 6
30Petty 54 5 5
Cash in Clerk's hands, 25th March, 1866 22 15 6
Balance in favour of Gen. Account 1813 16 71836121
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