London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Clerkenwell 1865

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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532Balance brought forward from 25th march,186535219280Metropolitan Board of Works, as per precent30311103031110
533Amount collected on Rate made October, 1863048532-3Collectors' Commission31151138199451102548
102Do. do. do. Oct., 1864.355140
105Do. do. do. do., 1865.20781211
Do. Outstanding on ditto, gross £522 5s. 1d., recoverable about..34000
Balance in Arrear 25th March, 186629088
547Balance brought forward from 25th March, 186566811282Imperial Gas Company397101158365159071039088
128Amount of Arrears collected on284Chartered do.374481544159153265386140
Rate made April, 186301810286City do.562526319525441065170
548Do. do. Oct., 186302A301Sheen, Gas Work131044935570230
134Do. do. April, 1864708547-8Collectors' Commission16655210115114517211
137Do. do. Oct., 186417868273Lighting Rate080080
140Do. do. March, 18651644102
143Do. do. Oct., 186513821383213124
Do. Outstanding, gross £351 5s. 0d., recoveraable abbut23000
Balance in Arrear 25th March, 186620473
34848623000GENERAL ACCOUNT.85747348999348486862510
569GENERAL ACCOUNT. Balance brought forward from 25th March 18651818161Cartage, Dusting, Cleansing, Watering, Paving, and Road Materials.
26Do. from Current expenses Account2516290Dodd, Henrv, Road Materials105130304793791763033
289Stiles, Wm., Paving Repairs992105307992105307
170Amount of arrears of rate made April, 18632160Ditto, Repair of Tranches35473547
Ditto, Broken Guernsey Granite4494312304615484913140
570Do. do. Oct., 1863070Ditto, Paving Turnmill-st., &c.29943920000099439
185Do. do. April, 18642118276Abbott & Hopwood, cartage2410024100
188Do. collected on Rate made Oct., 18644451910313Varney, Cartage8753727614179
7Harris, do700700
Carried forward470461843177Carried forward6894847001110416672122394
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