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Stepney 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Of the samples analysed, 5 formal and 21 informal were found to be unsatisfactory, as follows :-

ArticleFormal or InformalNature of IrregularityRemarks
Dried Apricots (12 Samples)InformalContained sulphur dioxide in amounts varying from 2100 to 3300 parts per million.Released for reexport or for use in dried salad mix.
Chocolate LaxativeInformalIncorrectly labelled.Old Stock. New Stock properly labelled.
Bacon RindInformalGreen stain-contained 100 parts per million copper.Bacon trimmed - Stained parts destroyed.
Milk (2 Samples)FormalContained 1.0 per cent. extraneous water.Taken in course of delivery from farm Cautionary letter sent.
Milk (2 Samples)Formal3.3 per cent. deficient in fat.Taken in course of delivery from farm. Bulk satisfactory.
Pork SausagesInformal18 per cent. deficient in meat.(See formal sample below).
Pork SausagesFormal12 per cent. deficient in meat.Legal Proceedings. Conditional discharge £7.7.0. costs.
Pork SausagesInformal7.5 per cent. deficient in meat.Formal sample satisfactory.
TeaInformalContained lead-25 parts per millionReleased for blending.
Chopped MeatInformalContained sulphur dioxide-220 parts per million.Formal sample to be taken.
Chopped MeatInformalContained sulphur dioxide-44 parts per million.Formal sample satisfactory.
Boracic OintmentInformalContained 9.4 per cent. boric acid. Tin rusty and ointment contaminated.Old stock-supply now exhausted.
Soft DrinkInformalContained a growth of moulds.No action.
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