London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Stepney 1939

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Legal Proceedings.

No. of Summons.Fines.Costs.
Public Health (London) Act, 193623311505300
Food and Drugs (Adulteration) Act, 192835500061196
Milk and Dairies Order, 19262400220
L.C.C. Bye-laws—Rag and Bone Dealer ...101000106
Merchant Shipping Act, 18941200220

Slum Clearance.—During the year the Council made a Compulsory
Purchase Order, as follows :—
Persons to be
Houses. displaced.
Solebay Street area 24 106
The Council also made Clearance Orders, as follows :—
Amos Court area 15 64
St. Anne's Row No. 1 area 30 138
St. Anne's Row No. 2 area 6 26
Chusan Place area 4 11
Claydens Buildings area 5 12
Copenhagen Place area 3 11
Paragon Mansions area 42 112
Hayfield Passage area 2 7
Hayfield Yard area 4 2
In the case of four of the above areas—Solebay Street, Amos Court,
St. Anne's Row No. 1 and Paragon Mansions—a Local Inquiry should have
been held on 26th September but, owing to the outbreak of war, the Inquiry
was postponed indefinitely.
As regards the remaining six areas, they were all confirmed without
modification and the tenants have all been rehoused.
A small area known as the Cottage Court area, including two houses,
was represented, but this was cleared by the owner shortly afterwards.
A Demolition Order was made affecting 72, Hermitage Wall. The
occupants were rehoused and the house demolished.
No areas were declared by the L.C.C. during the year.
Overcrowding.—The Overcrowding Survey, in 1935, revealed the fact
that 7,632 families were overcrowded.
The number of cases to date not included in the above total is 456.