London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Stepney 1939

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Outworkers :—

Nature of WorkNo of InspectionsNo. resident in the BoroughUn-wholesome premisesNotices servedProsecutionsNo. of premises where infectious disease occurred
Wearing apparel—
Making, etc.2841511655917
Cleansing and washing153
Household linen__
Lace, lace curtains and nets__—-
Curtains and furniture hangings5_
Furniture and upholstery1286— .
File making
Brass and brass articles__
Cables and chains__
Anchors and grapnels
Cart gear
Locks, latches and keys__
Umbrellas, etc.1113_
Artificial flowers_1._
Nets, other than wire nets__
Racquet and tennis balls_
Paper, etc., boxes, paper bags2
Brush making1
Pea picking— -
Feather sorting
Carding, etc., of buttons, etc.1
Stuffed toys1
Basket making
Chocolates and sweetmeats
Cosaques, Christmas crackers, Christmas stockings, etc.
Textile weaving
Leather goods2
Flag making1
Cardboard boxes5

No. of firms in the Borough employing outworkers 89
No. of outworkers residing in the Borough 1,575
„ ,, „ outside the Borough 612
„ „ employed by firms outside the Borough 939
Basement Bakehouses.—In the year beginning 1st July, 1938, and in
every fifth year subsequently, examinations of Basement Bakehouses must be
carried out under the Factories Act, 1937. In accordance with the above, I
made an examination of Basement Bakehouses during the year and reported
to the Committee that 69 were certified in 1903/4 under the Factory and
Workshop Act, 1901. Of these 33 remained open at the time of my inspection
and 21 of the latter were considered by me unfit to retain certificates.