London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Stepney 1939

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Canal Boats.—16 canal boats were inspected and there were no contraventions
of the Act and Regulations. Six children were found on the
boats. No boats were registered during the year.

Factories Act, 1937.—Particulars of inspections and defects found are as follows :—

Premises. (1)Number of
Number.Inspections. (2)Written Notices. (3)Occupiers prosecuted. (4)
Factories with mechanical power2,4491,544216
Factories without mechanical power939540104
Other Premises under the Act (including works of building and engineering construction but not including outworkers' premises)621262l

f Electrical Stations should be reckoned as factories.

Defects Found.

Particulars (1)Number of DefectsNumber of defects in respect of which Prosecutions were instituted (5)
Found (2)Remedied (3)Referred to H.M. Inspector (4)
Want of cleanliness (S. 1)1441425
Overcrowding (S. 2)11
Unreasonable temperature (S. 3)14113
Inadequate ventilation (S. 4)1111
Ineffective drainage of floors (S. 6)1717
Sanitary Conveniences (S- 7)insufficient2525
unsuitable or defective119121
not separate for sexes4040
Other nuisances1261262
Other offences (Not including offences relating to Homework or offences under the Sections mentioned in the Schedule to the Ministry of Health (Factories and Workshops Transfer of Powers) Order, 1921, and re-enacted in the Third Schedule to the Factories Act, 1937.)