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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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In the process of slum clearance, 567 cases of overcrowding have been
490 cases of overcrowding have been abated by Owners transferring
tenants and by reduction or removal of families.
Number of families overcrowded as per 1935 survey 7,632
Additional to December, 1938 456
Number Abated since 1935 Survey.
By L.C.C. as result of Orange Forms 457
By Slum Clearance 567
Abated privately 490
Number of Families overcrowded December, 1938 6,574
Underground Rooms. -At the beginning of the year there were 5,949
underground rooms which did not comply with the Housing Act and the
Regulations made thereunder. During the year closing orders were made in
respect of 4 underground rooms. 14 other underground rooms were altered
and made to comply with the regulations and 88 unfit underground rooms
were demolished in clearance areas and in the demolition of unfit houses, thus
leaving 5,843 still to be dealt with.
Number of Flats in the Borough owned by Public Authorities.
No. of flats owned by S.B.C. 1,310
L.C.C 1,387
„ „ City Corporation 169
„ „ Stepney Housing Trust 66
(The Stepney Housing Trust are included as they house tenants for the
L.C.C. from slum clearance areas or overcrowding.)
Stepney Borough Council Flats in course of erection.
Beccles Street 100
Ring House 15
West India House 31
Limehouse Fields 41
Further sites to be developed.
Gill Street Area (confirmed) 43
Prittlewell Place Area (confirmed) 10
Solebay Street Area (C.P.O. represented) 30 ?
Limehouse Fields, 2 blocks which will probably be
surplus 40