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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Handicraft Class.—The handicraft class, which is now held on Wednesday
afternoons instead of Monday, has had another successful year, holding the
usual 36 classes.
Three more orders were given for dressing gowns for the maternity and
toddlers' clinics, and these kept the girls and women busy for the greater part
of the year, and were much appreciated.
The stall did very well at the combined sale of work of the Handicraft
classes held at Kensington Town Hall in March, and Queen Mary purchased
three brooches made by one of our men.
The work of the ex-service men again sold excellently at the Imperial
Institute Armistice Sale in November.
Boarded-out Contacts.—32 Children who were contacts of infectious cases
of pulmonary tuberculosis were boarded out during the year.

Special Treatment for Tuberculosis Patients.—The Council have arrangements by which they pay for the attendances of patients undergoing certain forms of treatment at various hospitals as follows:-

No. of Patients.No. of Attendances
Finsen Light treatment at the London Hospital9169
Pneumo-Thorax Refills at Brompton „247
,, I, i) London Chest ,,14219
„ „ „ Royal Chest „9110
„ „ „ Colindale ,,213
Sanocrysin treatment at Brompton Hospital110

Supply of Extra Nourishment.—Grants to Tuberculous patients were made
on the recommendation of the Tuberculosis Officers for a period of 28 days
in the first instance. The grant consists of one and a half pints of Pasteurised
or Tuberculin Tested Milk per day, seven eggs per week, and a half pound
of butter per week.
During the year 695 grants were made to 233 persons, the total cost .
being approximately £577.