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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Memo. 37/T (Revised). Ministry of Health Form T. 145.

A. Return showing the work of the Dispensaries for the year 1938: —

DiagnosisPulmonary.Non-Pulmonary.Total.Grand Total.
A.—New Cases examined during the year (excluding contacts):—
(a) Definitely tuberculous166591511111473177732214
(b) Diagnosis not completed-------81383520
(c) Non-tuberculous92782512
B.—Contacts examined during the year: —
(a) Definitely tuberculous22------22--
(b) Diagnosis not completed------------747
C.—Cases written off the Dispensary Register as:—
(a) Recovered20665554256119
(b) Non-tuberculous (including any such cases previously diagnosed and entered on the Dispensary Register as tuberculous)--------2062492482641,018
D.— Number of Cases on Dispensary Register on December 31st:—
(a) Definitely tuberculous693331685262509257755381160109
(b) Diagnosis not completed--------81333

1. Number of cases on Dispensary Register on January 1st 1,414
2. Number of cases transferred from other areas and cases returned after
discharge under Head 8 in previous years 75
3. Number of cases transferred to other areas, cases not desiring further
assistance under the scheme, and cases "lost sight of " 173
4. Cases written off during the year as Dead (all causes) 133
5. Number of attendances at the Dispensary (including Contacts) 5,294
6. Number of Insured Persons under Domiciliary Treatment on the 31st
December 330
7. Number of consultations with medical practitioners:—
(a) Personal 410
(b) Other 553
8. Number of visits by Tuberculosis Officers to homes (including personal
consultations) 556
9. Number of visits by Nurses or Health Visitors to homer, for Dispensary
purposes 5,223
10. Number of
(a) Specimens of sputum, etc., examined 773
(b) X-ray examinations made in connection with Dispensary work 459
11. Number of ' Recovered" cases restored to Dispensary Register, and
included in A (a) and A (b) above 2
12. Number of " T.B. plus '' cases on Dispensary Register on December 31st 693
B. Number of Dispensaries for the treatment of Tuberculosis (excluding
centres used only for special forms of treatment):—
Provided by the Council . 2 Provided by Voluntary Bodies —
remaining undiagnosed on 31st December.