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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Tuberculosis Dispensaries.—The present time-table of routine sessions for old patients is as follows and in addition new patients and contacts are seen daily:—

Main Dispensary, Steels Lane. Devonport Street.Branch Dispensary, 35, Stepney Green.
MorningMenSchool ChildrenMen
AlternoonWomen and ChildrenMenWomen and ChildrenWomen and Children

Tuberculosis After-care.—The Tuberculosis Care Committee held ten
meetings during 1938, at which 417 cases were brought to their notice. Over
200 of these were special cases needing help of some kind through the dispensary
and the Care Committee. Now that the Committee has its own fund, much
more can be done for the poorest patients than was formerly possible, and that
the assistance given is appreciated is shown by the grateful letters received
from time to time by the Secretary.
The greatest need still seems to be the provision of pocket money for
destitute patients going to sanatorium, and twelve men have been supplied
with this at different times during the year.
The fund has also paid for six relatives to visit patients in sanatorium
who could not afford the fare themselves.
An advertisement, paid for from the fund, resulted in two ex-patients
obtaining good domestic posts in the country. Extra nourishment was supplied
temporarily to three patients who were not eligible for further help in
this way through the Borough Council.
The voluntary charitable associations again assisted many poor patients
or their families referred to them. The Jewish Board of Guardians made
weekly allowances in several cases, besides giving extra nourishment and
convalescent treatment.
The Charity Organisation Society and the Invalid Kitchens helped cases
referred to them by the Committee in suitable ways.
Six patients had the use of Borough Council beds and bedding on discharge
from sanatorium to enable them to sleep alone.
This year the Care Committee participated for the first time in the
Christmas Seal Sale for Tuberculosis, organised by the National Association
for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, and the satisfactory sum of £75 was
raised. The balance sheet and particulars of the Sale will be given in the
Care Committee's report to be printed at the end of the financial year in