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Bromley 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bromley]

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"Southwood Residential Club for Elderly People," Oldfield Road,
This Home is run by the W.V.S. and the following report has
been received :
" The past year has been marked by few changes. The health
of the residents has been good, and considering the average age is
83 with a total of 42 residents, a great deal of credit can be given to
the Staff for this.
The increasing frailty of the residents as they get older becomes
a problem as staffing is difficult.
Thanks to a small bequest the Committee were able to make
two very welcome improvements to the house which have given a
great deal of pleasure to the residents.
The residents have had some very nice outings during the year,
and they continue to do handicrafts for themselves and also to help
the various appeals on the town."
" Town Court " and " The Vane," Bickley.

The undermentioned report has been received from the Chief Officer of the Welfare Department, London County Council

" Town Court "" The Vane "
Tolal number of beds3251
Residents on 31st December, 19553122
Admissions during 19561360
Discharges during 19561331
Residents on 31st December, 19563151

On completion in January, 1956, of necessary adaptation
works, the house, No. 10, Denbridge Road, Bickley, was combined
with the existing home " The Vane," 12, Denbridge Road, and the
two premises are administered as one home known as " The Vane,"
thus increasing the accommodation from 29 to 51.
" Elmwood " and " Homefield," Southborough Road, Bickley.
These Homes are run by the Bermondsey Medical Mission.
" Homefield " is for patients no longer needing hospital treatment
but still in need of nursing and medical care. " Elmwood " is for
residents officially described as being in need of care and attention.
The average age of the residents during the year was about 78 years,
and, considering their frailness their health was good. 7 residents
who became ill were transferred to hospitals and 8 new residents
were accepted during the year. A number of the old ladies had
two weeks' holiday at the Mission's new convalescent home at
Bognor Regis, and during their absence the beds were used for