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Bromley 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bromley]

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" Armstrong House," 1, Southlands Grove, Bickley.
The following report has been received from the General
Secretary of the S.O.S. Society :—
Capacity 28
(Since reduced to 26)
Weekly average 27.5
Admitted during the year 6
Present residents :—
Women 10
Men 16
Average Age 84
All the usual facilities of a residential Home for old people are
provided, namely, full board and lodging, general care and supervision
of the residents, nursing during periods of sickness and
various forms of entertainment.
With an average age of 84. it is not surprising that minor illnesses
were fairly frequent, but, fortunately, no sustained periods of
illnesses were experienced. The local doctors, with whom the
residents are registered, are always most helpful and the Matron
knows that their advice is available at any time. The difficulty of
obtaining hospital beds for chronically sick residents has not eased
but hospital almoners are considerate and helpful and, if possible,
will arrange for a sick resident from the Home to be exchanged for
a patient who has recovered sufficiently to be discharged from
The Home continues to receive the very active support of the
Bromley Ladies Circle, whose members visit the Home regularly
and who organised a party for the residents during the summer.
Members of the Bromley Baptist Church organised musical evenings
at the Home and film shows have been arranged during the
year by Dr. Barnardo's Homes.
Religious services continue to be held in the Home.
During the Society's financial year ended 22nd September. 1956,
the total cost of maintaining the Home amounted to £4,793. which
was roughly £300 in excess of income."
" Merevale," Bickley Park Road, Bickley.
The Secretary of the North West Kent Housing Society. Ltd.,
has kindly furnished the following information :
" Merevale has continued to accommodate 36 old people, but
during the year had the largest turn over in its history, due mainly
to the increasing age of the residents.
Actually there were 10 changes due to deaths and other causes.
At the close of 1956 all beds were occupied and the average
age was 82."