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Bromley 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bromley]


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    Infant Mortality.
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    The following is an analysis of the ages at death :—
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    Full details of the causes of death will be found in Table III in the appendix, but the following table of comparative rates per 1,000 population for the last seven years of certain causes of death in the Borough may be of interest:—
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    The following tabulation gives details of deaths from all forms of cancer for the past ten years :—
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    Deaths from cancer of the lung and bronchus during the past seven years :—
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    LOCAL SICKNESS The following details have been received from the Ministry of National Insurance during 1956. These figures follow the expected trend, namely, that the highest incidence of illness normally occurs during January and February, and declines to its lowest level in August, after which it tends to rise again.
    Number of certificates of incapacity.
    Four weeks endingFirst.Intermediate.Final.
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    " The following figures indicate the volume of unemployment in the Borough during 1956 :—
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    Details of the work of disinfection and disinfestation carried out during the year are as under :—
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    Articles Treated.Articles Destroyed.
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    Details of specimens, etc., sent to these laboratories are as under :—
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    Details of the Homes registered are :—
    AddressNo. of BedsSurgicalNumber of new patients received during 1956 Medical and Chronic
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    The undermentioned report has been received from the Chief Officer of the Welfare Department, London County Council
    " Town Court "" The Vane "
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    During the year 1956 demands for the service continued to be heavy and the following cases received assistance :—
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    The following are the aggregate totals under the respective headings :—
    Total No. of Inspections and Visits.Total No. of Defects and Nuisances found.
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    Notices issued :—
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    Average results of the Chemical and Bacteriological examination of the water supplied to Bromley during the year 1956. Milligrammes per litre (unless otherwise stated).
    Shortlands Well No. 1Shortlands Well No. 2West Wickham WellOrpington WellNorth Orpington New Bore HoleNorth Orpington Well No. 1Thames-derived filtered water
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    Bacteriological Results
    Shortlands WellsWest Wickham WellOrpington WellNorth Orpington WellsThames-derived filtered water
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    Two hundred and forty-four shops and food premises have been registered under the above Act, as follow :—
    Manufacture, sale or storage of Ice CreamPreparation and manufacture of Pres'vd Foods etc.
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    No. of Samples taken.Description.Result
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    Ice Cream.
    No. of Samples TakenDescriptionSatis.Unsatis.Methylene Blue Group
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    The following tabulation shows the results obtained in respect of the 1,027 samples examined from 1st May, 1947 to 31st December, 1956 :—
    YearGrade I No. of Samples%Grade 11 No. of Samples%Grade III No. of Samples%Grade IV No. of Samples%Total No. of Samples
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    Carcases Inspected and Condemned.
    Cattlexcluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigs
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    The following are details of the recordings in the register for the year ended 31st December, 1956.
    Respiratory.Other forms.Total number of cases.
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    New cases and Mortality, 1956:—
    Age groupsNew cases notified or otherwise revealed. (Not including Inward Transfers.)*Deaths.
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    New cases attending the Chest Clinic for the first time during 1956:—
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    New Contacts examined durine 1956:—
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    TABLE I. Summary of Statistics, 1956.
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    Notifications of Infectious Diseases:
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    TABLE II. Vital Statistics of the Borough for the Past Ten Years.
    YearPopulationNo. of Births (live)No. of DeathsNo. of Infant DeathsNo. of Maternal DeathsBirth Rate (per 1,000 population)Death Rate (per 1,000 population)Infant Mortality (per 1,000 live births)Maternal Mortality (per 1,000 live and still births
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    TABLE III. Causes of Death.
    1952195319G41956Male1966 FemaleTotal
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    TABLE IV. Infant Mortality, 1956. (Compiled locally from Registrar's Death Returns)
    CAUSES OF DEATHUnder 1 Week1 and under 2 Weeks2 and under 3 Weeks3 and under 4 WeeksTotal under 4 Weeks1 month and under 3 Months3 months and under 6 Months6 Months and under 9 Months9 Months and under 12 MonthsTotal Deaths under 1 year
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    TABLE V. Analysis of Causes of Infant Deaths. 1947-1956.
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    TABLE VI, Notifiable Infectious Diseases, 1956—Ward Distribution, Attack and Mortality Rates.
    DiseaseTotalWARDSCases removed to HospitalAttack Rate per 1,000 populationNo. of DeathsDeath Rate per 1,000 population
    PlaistowMartins HillTownSun-dridgeBickleyBromley CommonKeston and Hayes
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    TABLE VII. Notifiable Infectious Diseases, 1956—Seasonal Incidence.
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    TABLE VIII. METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS. The Borough Engineer has kindly furnished the following information from the records at the Climatological Station, Church House Gardens:—
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    Commons, Public Recreation Grounds and Gardens. Six hundred and three acres of land have been secured or reserved for public recreational purposes, representing 9.2 per cent. of the total acreage of the Borough.
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    FACTORIES ACTS, 1937 AND 1948. The following is a copy of the return supplied to the Ministry of Labour and National Service in respect of the year 1956:— I. Inspections for purposes of provisions as to health.
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber ofOccupiers Prosecuted
    InspectionsWritten Notices
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    II. Cases in which Defects were found.
    No. of cases in which defects were: ReferredNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted.
    Found.Remedied.To H.M. Inspector.By H.M. I nspector.
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    Local AuthorityNon-AgriculturalAgricultural
    Dwelling Houses (including Council Houses)Allother (including business premises)Total of Cols. (1) (2) & (3)
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    TABLE XII. FOOD AND DRUGS ACT, 1955. Food Sampling.
    ArticleSamples taken.Result.AdulteratedRemarks
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    ArticleSamples taken.Result.Adult-cratedRemarks
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    ArticleSamples taken.Result.AdulteratedRemarks
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    ArticleSamples taken.Result.Adulterated.Remarks
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    TABLE XIII. Summary of the work of the Public Health Inspectors for the year 1956.
    TYPE OF INSPECTION.On ComplaintRoutineRe InspectionTotal VisitsNuisances Found
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    TABLE XIII. (Continued)
    Type of InspectionOn ComplaintRoutineRe-Inspec-tionTotal VisitsNuisances Found
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    TABLE XIII. (Continued)
    TYPE OF INSPECTIONOn ComplaintRoutineRe-InspectionTotal VisitsNuisances Found
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    TABLE XIV. Nuisances, Defects, Contraventions, etc., Abated or Remedied in 1956.
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    TABLE XIV. (Continued)
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    TABLE XIV. (Continued)
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    Numbers on School Roll.
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    The following table gives details of the incidence and number of cases of the various diseases notified :—
    DiseaseTotal No. of casesNo. admitted to HospitalSeasonal incidence
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    TABLE I. Medical Inspection of Pupils Attending Maintained Primary and Secondary Schools. A. Periodic Medical Inspections. Age Groups inspected and number of pupils examined: —
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    C. Pupils Found to Require Treatment. Number of Individual Pupils found at Periodic Medical Inspections to require treatment (excluding Dental Diseases and Infestation with Vermin).
    Age GroupFor defective vision (excluding squint)For any of the other conditions recorded in Table III.A.Total individual pupils
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    D. Classification of the Physical Condition of Pupils Inspected.
    Age GroupsNumber of Pupils InspectedSatisfactoryUnsatisfactory
    No.% of Col. 2No.% of Col. 2
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    TABLE II. Infestation with Vermin.
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    TABLE III. Return of Defects Found by Medical Inspection in the year 1956. A. Periodic Inspections.
    Defect Code No.Defect or DiseasePeriodic InspectionsTotal (including all other age groups inspected)
    Requiring treatmentRequiring observationRequiring treatmentRequiring observationRequiring treatmentRequiring observation
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    TABLE III. (Continued) B. Spccial Inspections.
    Defect Code No.Defect or DiseaseSpecial Inspections
    Requiring TreatmentRequiring Observation
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    Tonsillectomy. Children attending maintained schools who have at some time or other undergone tonsillectomy: —
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    TABLE IV. Group I.—Eye Diseases, Defective Vision and Squint.
    Number of cases known to have been dealt with:
    By the Authority.Otherwise.
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    Group II.—Diseases and Defects of Ear, Nose and Throat.
    Number of cases known to have been treated:
    By the Authority.Otherwise.
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    Group IV.—Diseases of the Skin (excluding uncleanliness for which see Table II).
    Number of cases treated or under treatment during the year by the Authority.
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    Group V. —Child Guidance Treatment.
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    TABLE V. Dental Inspection and Treatment Carried Out by the Authority.
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    TABLE VI. Orthoptic Clinic.
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    TABLE VII. Handicapped Pupils Requiring Education at Special Schools Approved Under Section 9(5) of the Education Act, 1944 or Hoarding in Boarding Homes.
    1. Blind2. Partially Sighted3. Deaf4. Partially Deaf5. Delicate6. Physically Handicapped7. Educationally Sub-normal8. Maladjusted9. EpilepticT O T A L 1—9
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    1. Blind2. Partially Sighted3. Deaf4. Partially Deaf5. Delicate6. Physically Handicapped7. Educationally Sub-normal8. Maladjusted9. EpilepticT O T A L 1—9
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    TABLE VIII. Independent Schools.
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    Table of Defects found by Medical Inspection.
    Defect or Disease.Number of Defects:—
    Requiring treatment.Requiring observation
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    JUVENILE DELINQUENCY. During the year 55 children and young persons appeared before the Local Court. The types of offences were:—